Mary Claire has been working with exceptional children and prodigies in various capacities for more than fifteen years. She is the founding director of Charlie’s Port, a non-profit organization that produces creative projects with exceptional youth. Theatre, short films, social missions, and books. Learn more…

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The Fall

How would you feel if you lost your dream home and soon discovered all of your belongings were missing, having fallen into the hands of a murderer? Furniture, clothes, family heirlooms, years-worth of projects and research. Simply put, I just had the worst summer of my life.  I had spent decades dreaming about living inContinue reading “The Fall”

Back To School

On special occasions, parents ask me to write letters to their kids. Birthdays. Bat Mitzvahs. Even emotional breakdowns. But this year has been different. Like, a lot of parents have asked me to write letters to their children for encouragement. Kids are stressed, more introspective, and have a bleak view of what is to come. I haven’tContinue reading “Back To School”

Where Were You?

Judge Peter Cahill announced the Derek Chauvin verdict to the world on Tuesday, April 20th, 2021. Guilty on all three counts, including the second-degree murder of George Floyd. Where were you that Tuesday at five o’clock? I watched the entire trial of the State of Minnesota vs Derek Chauvin. While I was working, driving, andContinue reading “Where Were You?”