Holy Spirit At The Marsh

I arrived in marshland on Friday just before midnight. Dim lights led me through the sandy driveway to my sister’s new home. Overjoyed dogs outgrew their tizzy and found soft beds again, basking in a canine dream. After two months of heavy teaching and editing, escaping into vacay was God’s prescription. The angels had keptContinue reading “Holy Spirit At The Marsh”

First Anniversary Alone

When my parents reached their 50th anniversary, of course we drenched the celebration in gold. I remember my husband, Chris, content that day and enjoying old family videos. His hint of jealousy was adorable when my high school sweetheart appeared during a Christmas moment. The way my husband looked at me that whole evening confirmedContinue reading “First Anniversary Alone”

New Normals Can Be Nice

Nothing changes if nothing changes. That’s one of my favorite sayings. My ruts can make life a broken record. Until I change that record, futile noise keeps skipping along. COVID generated a sour taste for new normal terminology, but we should be using the infamous “reset” to change the way we do many things.  SchoolsContinue reading “New Normals Can Be Nice”

Classroom Rules

Hear ye, educators. It’s that time of year. I begin the second week in my classroom today. For those of you who are not teachers, what occurs about one week in is interesting. Kids begin testing their teachers because they’ve already sized up the student body. Everyone is polite in the beginning. Children learn theContinue reading “Classroom Rules”


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